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I'm so over this...venting!

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I have been using KY's 50/50 blend and have had good results with it after testing it with most of my FOs I go to order more and guess what they are OOS!:cry2:

I have also been testing 6036 with equally good results and the price went through the roof and CS no longer carries it.:shocked2:

So I try Farmhouse 50/50 and cannot get it to burn with the same success as I had with the other two blends and would have to start testing all over again, Im just not going to do that right before the holiday and they are now also OOS.:waiting:

So I consider the 6006 which I have tried in the past but when I go to CS it is now the same price as the 6036 was when they removed it because of price! :undecided

So now I'm back to the 6036 which Aztec carries for $84 which is cheaper then CS when they had it so I guess I will order from them...what the .........................! :o

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When I heard about CS discontinuing the 6036, I wrote to aztec to see if they planned on keeping it and they responded with this:

"So here is the deal with the 6036. It was originally a lot cheaper,

lower grade version of the 6006. With the recent price increase it is now

the same price and may actually end up a little higher than the better grade

6006 so for all exstensive purposes we will be getting rid of it too. Please

let me know if you have any questions about this."

Sales Associate

So you might have to consider something else, unless they changed their minds! :(

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Thanks for the heads up Elfcat...well that is just fanfreakingtabulous....hmmm so perhps I will just get the 6006 and add some soy to it like others have tried and see what happens meanwhile I will stock up on the 6036 to get through the holiday! *faint*

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There was some 6036 in the classies unless it is gone now.

I wrote CS about the 6036 and they told me to try a blend of 464 and 4630 (??) I think that is the one. They said it was VERY close to the 6036. I am going to test this after the first of the year.


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