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Dancing Soap Fairies

Grumpy Girl

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Nah, this batch doesn't have any inside, it was more a last minute thing when I decided it "needed" a little something. Inside is hot pink, green and the aqua green swirls. Just cut it, not too bad but would have looked way cooler with the chunks throughout with this color scheme.

I've got another batch that the chucks are throughout. I just cut it, it looks pretty neat.

I wonder how long it's going to take me to use up 12.5 lbs of multi colored soap fairy doings?

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OMG that is sooooo pretty! Chunks through out would be great!

Can you post cut pictures of the chunks inside and this one?

I don't understand how your colors stay so intense.

What was wrong with the acid trip batch, it looks ok from the chunks?

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The one with the chunks in it isn't this color, it's just bright yellow. Kinda dull actually if you think about it.

I'll post cut photos in a few days when I'm caught up and have a few minutes again.

The colors the soap fairies leave alone for some reason. I'm pretty lucky there. The batches just failed my standards. Simple enough.

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Thanks everyone.

Scented, the scent of the AT isn't noticable actually. It's one of the lighter scented soaps that I do and the base soaps they're in are strong. They originally ashed over pretty bad so, can't use them for the intended purpose but cutting into them at various angles, they give some wicked designs.

Gran, that is the extreme red but I'm certain that batch is going to bleed so It'll be reincarnated eventually into something else. Pink washcloths are not pretty. I think what I ended up with is more of a maroon than a red.

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