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OOB review from candle source


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These are oob reviews for the following scents IMO:

*= would not recommend

**= Very weak

***=May work depends on your wax %fo hold

****=Not over powering

*****=Highly recommended

Camp fire-- This is incredible. Smells just like a smokey fire to me. *****

Frosted cupcake--very sweet, can smell a light vanilla ***

Cake bake-- Smells very alcoholly to me *

blackcherry-- Smells very good, ****

Egg Nog-- Umm, I am not sure about this one, I can't get a smell feel for it. Doesn't really smell like any egg nog I have had. **

Candy Corn-- Smells very good, smells similar to a cotton candy fo I had from wsp. ***

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