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fragrance question

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Hi everybody!!:undecided

I would like to try a fragrance from Aztec but I am not sure if they have been tested for soy and palm waxes. I am using palm. If anybody knows how their FO work in palm could you please let me know.:smiley2:



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Hi Joy. Sorry I can't help you with the palm, but you might find more info in the Frangrance Discussion under the Strictly Scents forum. You can put in Aztec under search and should get some threads. For some reason it took me a long time to find all the different forums available on this site. Hope you can find the info you are looking for. hth. Beth

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I use quite a few Aztec fragrances, but they have so many there is no way I could ever try all of them. They have many good scents for soy, but just like anywhere else it is hit or miss, unless you go to one of the suppliers that specialize in fragrances for soy.


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