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Palm wax

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Does anyone use straight palm wax. I know it make pretty snowflake designs but other than that. I am really looking for a wax that I do not have to blend myself with anything else. I need a container wax and a melt wax. I don't do pillars or votives yet and at this point don't care to. Since I have to re-test every single scent. :angry2:

Just wondering how straight palm does in a container. I have been using zinc wicks. Does anyone have a 'better' recommended wick for palm?

I might as well switch jars while I am at it. :undecided Been wanting to go from plain jelly jars with silver crystal lids (which are also being discontinued) to something more upscale looking. Guess a plain jar would work better if I go with plain palm.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is so frustrating right before the holidays. I hope you all don't have to go through this. Seriously it is not good business to discontinue something right before a busy season and not tell anyone.

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Hi..I used to use GlassGlo palm wax...I used csn wicks and the status jar..but if you sell your candles online or have to ship..I would try to find a lighter jar..these jars are heavy and shipping would be outrageous.I started out with a csn 12 but with most fo's I had to wick up to a 14.Test...Test..! I also found that the scent throw overall is the best! I started out making candles using straight paraffin..which is good throw too but all the soot isn't good..then I tried a blend..the blend I tried was from C&S was a kick butt thrower but they had to cure 10 days..and all of 10 days too.I didn't smell anything..nothing,so I called the company and they said yes they have to cure the whole time and they were right.Then,I switched to soy....what a different breed! WOW! I started out with C3..it frosted horribly for me..then I switched to 415..great throw many problems..I played with 444 and 464...too many problems..then I tried the CBA..which everyone told me not to because of no throw.It worked ok for me..you just have to use strong scent with that wax.

I hope I didn't confuse you..sometimes I can't stop once I start..lol! Any other questions you can pm me.Thanks..hth.


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I started out with straight palm and used to make tealights, 2/3oz shallow containers. It worked great and think I used 7% per total of wax amount. I'm sure there is a better wick but I used to use RRD47 for the shallow containers and the only draw back is for the 3 oz they only lasted about 5-6 hours. Maybe try the wick you have first. The scent throw was great but I didn't ever try EO's blend with that wax.

Then all my customers wanted soy so I switched to soy candles but I do add a some palm wax in as well.

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