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Wick question for soy/beeswax container candles

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I'm going to use 1/2 soy 1/2 beeswax with EOs. In a glass flip top jar:


Not exactly this jar but that kind - you know, a bail jar with the wire thing. The lid comes totally off.

The ones I have are cute little buggers, 2 1/4 inches across and 2 inches tall where the wax would be, but a little over 3 1/2 inches high with the lid on.

What do you think about these wicks for them? Any suggestions? I really had problems with the wicks I chose last year for my all soy candles and I don't want to make the same mistakes this year.

Thank you very much in advance.

PS....I'm not new, but I haven't been active in over a year. I forgot about this forum. I blame menopause.


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You might as well treat these as 100% soy because Beeswax is as hard to burn as so.

If it was me I would start with Peaks 75c wicks or HTP 104 you may have to go up or down but that should give you a good starting point. You will have to retest a batch everytime you get new beeswax in beeswax varies a great deal from batch to batch.

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Thanks! After reading around this forum last evening, I found out a couple of things. One is 50% beeswax will probably be too much for a glass container. I am going to rethink the formula. I emailed Bill at candlewic and he told me I should use: HTP-73 or HTP-83. I see you recommended an htp wick too.

Man alive, I can make a brilliant log of soap, I can take you out in the woods and identify dozens of medicinal herbs, but candles? Candles have stumped me more than once. And I have thrown up my hands more than one time, too. I'm determined to "get it" this year.

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I ended up trying 75% soy/25%beeswax. I had some HTP 73 N wicks from last year and tried one candle. The flame is tiny. What does the N mean on that wick, does anyone know?

Remembering that I am a candle newbie.....if I went to HTP 83, does that mean the wick is thicker and would flame bigger?

What would the 104 do?

Thank you very much!

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