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GB 415 CD Wick with Crisa

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Reducing the fragrance may help the mushrooming. However, in my 8 years of experience with the 415, there is going to be some mushrooming no matter what wick you use. Most of the time, it depends on the fragrance you are using...some make the wick mushroom; some do not. I have noticed, when I reduce the fragrance load, the wick does mushroom a bit less. Don't you just LOVE testing?!? :rolleyes2

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Hi, I am brand new and just bought the GW 415 to go with my beeswax. My husband & I are beekeepers and I love candles. I would like to make jar candles for the holidays. I purchased the htp wicks (sample pack) for the 8 & 16 0z jars. Do you think that will be okay. What is this twisting you are talking about and what is "CD"?


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I have been using the 415 for a few years, with HTP wicks. I have tested in several jars, but like the jars that are 3" across. Some people seem to be able to single wick these without a problem, but I double wick mine. Most of my FO's wick with 2 HTP83 wicks, but some of my FO's take HTP73 and some take a HTP93. Everyone has their own preference and what works for one, doesn't always work for another. But I find about 3-4 % beeswax helps me get nice smooth tops, with this wax.

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