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Grumpy Girl

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Some of the damage I've done lately.

I thought you guys might want a laugh.

MP cubes scented in lollipop blended fragrance. It's been awhile since I've played with any MP soap. I'm out of practice but they're kinda neat anyway I think. I should have bought more MP.


Yes, torture but I do have a picture of one of these cut because you know how I am.

I tried using red lake #30 on this one but I either didn't use enough or something because I got a redish pink. I think Bob is gay.

Drunk Uncle Bob


Excuse the crap photos, it's time for a new camera or a new me, haven't decided yet. The dusty looking stuff is the glitter I got carried away with.



I know this looks really strange in the mold. Even like baby poo... At the time it seemed like a good color combo and cut it doesn't look bad at all, the lime kinda mellowed quite a bit. I'll post cut pics when I get over my photo block.

Sweet Pea:


Okay, I'm sure I posted this one somewhere and never posted cut photos so here it is.

Lovely By S.J.P


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