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opinions on stick blenders needed


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I am in the process of gathering all materials to start soaping. I have been reading reviews about stick blenders but most are in regards to food.

What stick blenders work better for soap making? One site said the watts wasn't as important as the RPM. Sadly, most sites don't state this information. I would like one that will stand up to liquid soap making. From the research I have done so far, I am leaning towards the Kitchen Aid KHB100.

TIA for any and all information and suggestions.

Have a great day


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I am no expert on SBs but I too am just starting in soap making and wanted a good one. While RPM's are important, its the wattage & the torque of the motor that make any motor work more efficiently, extending the life of the motor.

Higher wattages allow the power of the motor to be able to do things like make contact with your mixture without losing speed but not having to use so much power that it overworks the motor. At a lower wattage, in order to do this, it would in some cases take the full wattage capacity to power the motor to work stiffer mixtures and the opposite would be true with higher wattages. This is one of the places that most companies cut corners in and why cheaper isn't always better. So when you look for a SB, will want to look at both of these.

I wanted to get the KA to match my stand mixer but I could not get any info from KA about torque and wattage. Cuisinart information is more readily available than KA. In the older posts that I have read here, it was said that Braun was the better SB but I was unsucessful at finding one locally....HTH and good luck!

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Guest jurnalynn

i bought a stickblender from walmart burnt it out making my first batch of lotion..........cheaper is not better..........lol i have been using a kitchenaid for soaping and having no problems with it


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Remember what I said about wattage before you click on this thread....400W no wonder nobody is killing their Brauns!


The reason you could not find it is because the braun immersion blender has been discontinued in the US but is still available in Canada. http://www.consumersearch.com/www/kitchen/hand-blenders/review.html

I may have to look at this site a little further and do some more research.....:angry2:

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...






AMEN to that! That was the first stick blender I bought and it burnt out after 3 batches and they were small batches to boot! I have been using a kitchenaid stick blender since and it has held up for the past 3 years.

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