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Can anyone help, undissolved lye crystals? (pic)


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Hi guys! I'm still brand new at making CP soap (about 10 batches under my belt) and this is the first time anything <<bad>> has every really happened to me. I was just cutting some new soap and there are bright deep orange <<oozing>> tiny sores on the soaps. From what I read this isn't DOS but could they be undissolved lye crystals maybe? I'm so upset I want to cry! :( What are these little sores? Is this soap garbage? There's ground oatmeal in the soap so that's what most of the spots are but some are darker and seen to contain some liquid. Should I post the recipe? Thanks so much for your help! My poooooor baby soap! :( *SNIFF*


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Hi! I DID add honey! I added honey powder and wasn't sure how to mix it in and just sprinkled it in the mix after blending in my FO but there were lots of lumps and I KNOW some did not all get mixed in. It could very well be it because I really couldn't see any lye crystals floating when I mixed it with the water, which I stirred for quite a while to make sure it was all dissolved. Water/Lye Mix was clear. So.....you would keep this soap as is? I'm scared to taste it!


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I had a soap that looked just like that due to the honey and I thought I was going to have to call it bits of honey instead of OMH but as it cured the spots went away or the soap darkened and the liquid absorbed enough that they could not be seen. Give it time.

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