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Made my first $1000+ show


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Lavender and Peppermint soap and pumpkin and spice scented candles were top sellers. I sold out of most of my soap and have to restock fast cause I got another 2 dayer show this weekend!:shocked2:

Forgot my bath teas were a big hit too! I just started making them so I was surprised at that. But my customers told me they wanted them as fragrance sachets. So-- methinks I will just repackage them as sachets that can be used as bath tea too.:smiley2:

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Thanks candybee for sharing what were your best sellers:highfive: ...Thats awesome sounds like a great sales....Have fun restocking...It makes you feel sooooo good when they love your products and all that hard work paid off...

I just finished my Farmers Market this Saturday and I am trying to get geared up for my first Big Christmas sale on November 1st..then I have two more to follow near the end of Nov.....then a much deserved break for the Hollydays...and then try to get restocks done....when I am rejuvenated...:grin2:

Please post your sale resluts from next weeks sales too...:grin2:

Hugs Mags

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WOW, thats just GREAT/AWESOME News!!!! Now rub some of that onto ME (ha ha)

I have my 1st one tomorrow nite - one of 9 Shows & tomorrow is just the beginning of them!!

I LOVE to see the stuff leave my booth but, at the same time feel sad to see it go cause, then i gotta make more...LOL....does that make sense to you ? I'm sad & happy at the same time....

GOOD Luck on your next one - will be thinking of you as I have one over the weekend also...:yay:

If you need info on anymore in your area go to www.craftlister.com



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