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Peak's vs. Greenleaf's Diffuser Base


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I have not used GL's, but have used a few others along with Peaks. Peaks, IMO is better, it's a bit thicker (not much at all) and takes up to 50% FO well for normal FO's. I haven't tried more than 60/40 for heavy FO's. I've had people using Peaks now and they adore their diffusers, so I dare say there either wasn't a difference at all, or Peaks was better.

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I purchased Peaks and it did smell very strongly oob. I even emailed them to ask before addinig FO...didn't want to waste FO! So went ahead and it still is working and it is almost a year since I made it. I do turn the reeds periodically and it has evaporated quite a bit. But after a year, I'm ready to do a different one. I use it in my bathroom. Haven't tried GLs, but just reordered from Peaks. Beth

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