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Mini Pumpkin Candles.....

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I made a bunch of them yesterday Using a 50/50 wax.no color and peaks sweet pumnpkin spice. Before I poured my wax I cleaned out the pumpkins and added a wire so you can hang them. The instructions said you could use ribbon but I was afaraid the ribbon would melt or catch fire. They came out to cute. I used a votive wick and test burned one yesterday. And they burn great. Regina :yay:

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Hi Regina,

I just made one test candle to see if I would like them. I used my container wax and no dye also. I also used the Peaks Sweet pumpkin spice. Since the pumpkins come in different sizes, mine may have been a little larger. I wicked up one size higher than yours to a 44z, and it has tested great. The wax has stayed about 1/2 to 1/4" thick on the sides which I think you need to have so the pumpkin doesn't burn.

They will be wonderful for Thanksgiving tables and decorations.


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