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I've encountered something I've never seen

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I have a candle that I poured and for some reason, there is a bubble like place on the top.

This bubble stands about 1/4 to almost 1/2 in. and it appeared over 48 hours AFTER the candle had been poured.

I have poured a tester and the tester came out fine... the same night I poured the retail candle, I had poured 6 others in varying fo's. All the candles were cooled and cured exactly the same way and none of the others look like this.

I poked relief holes in the candles and then heat gunned the tops the next morning. Everything looked smooth and clear. After 2 to 4 days of curing, I pop the top off the jar and there is a small bubble... as time had gone on, the bubble got larger and larger.

And I SWEAR!!!!! the bubble looks bigger today than it did a week ago.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before?


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