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CS frankincense and myrhh cure time

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i poured a CS frankincense and myrhh candle the night before last 1 1/2 oz in 464. i always wait to burn, usually 5 to 7 days, but of while i'm waiting i have to sniff occasionally!

i can barely smell anything when i put it right up to my nose. it smelled great oob and it seems to have gotten good reviews for HT.

does it need a long cure or is it just my nose?? or does it have minimum cold thorw but great hot??

thanks all!


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I would assume your nose is playing tricks on you! I remember testing this scent in 464 and it had a great CT/HT at 6% pp. And I always test in about 2 days for fo.. Why do I remember testing this scent? It is one of those scents that give me a headache right away....



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Thanks for the responses. I waited till yesterday to give it to my girlfriend who is a big fan. She said it smells really nice, but not like F&M. She actually told me it reminds her of Bailey's Irish Cream. I wish now I had kept it and tried it. I will pour another tonite and try it in a couple of days. I got the samples during the big sale Candle S cience and am wonder if they could have accidently mislabeled something else? HAs this ever happened to anyone??

I have Frankincense and some Patch from Candle Soylutions and I'm going to mix them tonite too. I know i'll have to wick up, guess i'll go up one size and see what happens.

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