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CS Wax Price Increase!

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Well, looks like things are continuing to spiral!

I know they have to do it, but still hate to see it

Was looking to place an order for some wax and when I went to the CS site it didn't take long to notice what seems to be a large increase in their wax prices - pretty much across the board on their paraffin wax - I also noted that they are not offering quantity discounts on these at all - Palm wax doesn't seem to be affected yet - I do not use Soy so I have no idea if these went up or not

CS was cheapest for me with shipping over the next 2 I would use (before this that is)

I might have to hit one of the others and maybe order a bit more than I had originally planned to stave off another increase for a little while anyway!

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Yikes! I just took a look, too. DH and I were just talking the other day about possibly driving up there to pick up several cases to get the quantity discount and save shipping since gas is down a bit in my area. Gonna have to do a little shopping around.

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Man Morris isn't that far from you ... like a state. E-mail them for a price list. You may not like to see the prices, but they do have breaks on quantity.


Will have to check them again - last time I got a quote from them when I added the sales tax they were higher than I can get shipped to me even on quantity

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OH MY LORD!!!! 4786 94.99 a case and I have a fund raiser coming up! Got to go hunt the asparin, feel a spell coming on with my heart!! Seriously, that is horrible. What are candle makers going to do? With the economy the way it is you can only go up so much on your candles if you want to sell them. That just totally ruined my day!!

Anybody know where it may be cheaper without shipping being so high?

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