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pillar pricing help please?

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I do not make pillars, so I purchase mine wholesale from another chandeler.

I pay $4.75 for 3x6 rustics and $3.70 for 3x4 rustics.

I sell the 3x4's for $8.49 and the 3x6's for $10.49 with no problem. But, I have a store. Festivals and craft shows are always lower in prices compared to store pricing. Not sure what your avenue of selling is.

Their traditional pillars are $4.30 for 3x6 and $3.30 for 3x4's.


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It really depends on where you are at and what your cost are. If I lived right close to a supplier I might be able to offer my candles at what CSAS is paying but I have shipping to me and other expenses. Even then with the rising cost of waxes and other things most likely not.

My advice is to break down your cost and add up all the thing going in to the candle including you labor and over head. Then at least charge 3 times that for retail if your market can bear it go 4 times. If you can go 4 times that way you can absorb a few increases in expenses before you have to raise prices.

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