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Wicking 4627 - testing my heart out and still no luck...

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Okay - when people say that 4627 is a booger to wick, they are kidding...actually, that is an understatement if you ask me! I am testing this wax in an 11oz tumbler - 3" in diameter and about 3.5" tall. I typically use between 8 and 10% FO. I've tested with RRD 47, HTP83, LX20, ECO8's and zincs. The only one that doesn't soot or smoke is the zincs BUT - they burn too hot. I have tried the 44-32-18's, the 44-24-18's and the 36-24-18's. Both 44's burn out to the edge but the glass gets so hot that I am afraid that someone would drop the candle if they tried to pick it up (scent throw was amazing though!). The 36 also burned to the edge although the scent throw wasn't all that great and the flame was so wimpy and pitiful that you just felt bad for the poor candle.

I just ordered some CD10s and some Hemp1400's - does anyone have opinions on these two wicks? All of the other wicks that I have tested have had a good melt pool and good scent throw, although the smoking REALLY bothered me and the soot on the side of the container got to me as well. If the container is less than half full - will you almost always have some soot?

Thank you in advance for an information, tips or advice that you may have - as well as opinions on the Hemps and the CD's!


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I use 4627 and for me the HTP wicks work the best. I tried zinc, eco, rrd, and lx.

In my (very) limited experience I have found I have to wick way down from what most suppliers recommend for my wax. For instance, in a 2.75" diameter jar (jj type) I usually use a HTP 41 or sometimes have to go up to a HTP 52.

The best burn for me in a 3" diameter jar was to double wick HTP 41. I was unable to single wick it and be happy with the results.

Since you are looking for other wicks this information probably won't be of much help.

I'll be watching for others input as I am always looking to improve and learn, and I hope they will be able to help you!

Good Luck


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Have you tried cutting down your FO load to perhaps 6%? This may help with some of the soot...i have wicked this wax in a 3" diameter salsa jar with zincs and lx's at 6% and have kept the soot to a minimum. HTH :smiley2:

Isbennis, were you able to single wick with these??

I too have a tough time with wicking this wax.

I tried LX's and we don't get along! It was the worst.

HTP's sometimes smell "burnt".

CD's smoke like a wildfire.

So far Zincs are good but mushroom pretty bad.

I am currently testing ECO's and have been pleased with these. They do not mushroom and they burn pretty good. They will soot though if the wick is not kept good and trimmed.

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I use 4627, with a fragrance load of appx. 10%.

In a 7 oz tumbler, I used an eco 6. Diameter is appx 2.75" Sometimes I wicked up to an eco 8 (van sandalwood, van madgsc orchid, etc.)

If I ever saw a little black smoke, I would trim the wick. This seemed to take care of everything. This wax/wick/fragrance combo makes such a clean burning candle for me. But, attention must be paid to the wick size.


oops- I see pixi said something similar:)

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Yeah, I guess that I have really good luck with the ECO's and the LX's when I keep the wick trimmed to 1/8-1/4 inch BUT...I know that when other people burn candles, they don't burn them with the same care that we all do. Does that make sense? Before I started making candles and before I learned a lot about them, I hardly ever paid much attention to trimming...so I figure that there are a lot of others that don't either. I just wish that there was a great wick out there that wouldn't soot if the wick didn't have the greatest attention paid to it!

Okay - updates...I tried the CD10 and it began sooting once the wax had only about 3/4" left...I also tried the Hemp 1400 and I have to tell you, it didn't soot at all! Now, this is only with one scent so far but I was extremely surprised at this. It did mushroom but it didn't soot a bit - even at a 1/2 inch of wax.

HTH's others that are thinking of trying other wicks!


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