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New Web Site and Blog!


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I like the background. I only had time to glance through but the one thing that caught my eye was the duck soap named Monkey Farts. I think it should be renamed...it doesn't "go together". I am diggin that pretty salt bar!

Personally, I wouldn't touch the name. It's a kid's soap and definitely a name to draw attention. Sales may increase with this product as a novelty. Be sure to make one customers can smell, as some may be apprehensive at first. I carry Monkey

Farts, Butt Naked, Lick Me All Over, Bacon and Campfire Smoke. I wouldn't change the names of any. ....too many sales.

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Be careful with the blog.

I have one as well and it got marked as spam... of coarse I had a direct link to it so anyone who visited my page and clicked on "sales and news" got the warning page about the blog possibly being spam. :angry2:

I went through the hoops to get it unlocked... and it was within a couple days. Do not link back to your site if possible. I think that is what made their computer system think mine was spam related.

Your site is very nice!!

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