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Best bottles for diffusers?


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I bought some of the kits, and really did not like the plastic plugs in the bottles. I can imagine someone trying to get it out and splashing diffuser oil all over the place. So, I want to buy my own bottles.

I was thinking just the clear 4 ounce boston bottles just like these:


Or maybe the 2 ounce:


Are the necks wide enough on both sizes to stick 8 or 10 reeds in them?

I am going to decorate the bottles, and package them in organza bags, so I do not want a fancy or expensive bottle.

Any thoughts on those bottles, or a better one you can think of? And, do you think 2 or 4 ounce would be better?


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I have both of the exact same bottles. I just started selling the 4oz. today because a few customers wanted larger bottles. I haven't really noticed *much* difference on scent length but eh - to each his own. I'm keeping the 2oz. around for now until I have a few months in to compare sales. I sold the heck outta the 2oz.

8 reeds will fit in both, 10 will fit in the 4 oz. However, I sell mine 6 reeds to the 2oz and 8 reeds to the 4 oz. More than that, IMO looks cluttered. I like a bit of lean to them instead of looking like it was stuffed full. It also allows the full length of the reed to have space coverage instead of touching others negating the point.

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When I sell diffuser sets I never put the solution in the bottle it self. I put the solution in 4oz round cylinder bottles I get from WSP. When the customer receives them, or takes them home, then they pour the solution in the diffuser bottle. I like that much better than putting the solution in glass bottle and taking a chance on it leaking, especially in shipping. I only sell one size glass bottle and 1 dz reeds. To me the more reeds you have the better/stronger the scent throw will be from them.

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