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Shop Pics 'BEFORE'


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We are opening our shop FINALLY. It will be open Nov 1st and here are the before pics.


We stacked everything up to get ready to paint. We did the first coat today. It is vanilla cream so it is neutral. I wanted pink and black but hubby said that might clash when we get lots of different stuff for the holidays in there. ...and he is right. DARN IT! LOL

There is a sink and cabinets in there ...YEA!!! I am going to make a counter area around it with an entry for me to get in there. Also making storage area in the very back by putting up black bookcases across the back about 1/3 of the way up the store and then a curtain on a tension rod to block the back. I can put all the out of season stuff and shipping boxes etc back there.

The little hallway I have room for a small corner shelf ..you can't see the area in the pic and I can hang floral arranements and pictures we will sell on the walls in the hall.

I am sooo excited. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: We had our stuff in a booth at an antique mall but I had two items over $10 stolen in the past week. So we talked and as long as I am home for the kids everyday at 2:30. I can have my shop and pull out of the antique mall. I thought that was a fair deal. We are in a little victorian town that is alot of ma and pa stuff so we can get away with being open only 9am or 10am till 2pm each day.

We are going to have my candles and bath stuff as well as gift baskets, home decor and florals and craft that I make. Hopefully I can keep up with all that. :confused:

Thanks for looking!

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I'm confused! It's inside another building? What kind of building? Will you be able to have a sign outside? Will you be able to make product in the shop?

More details please. :)

Good luck to you!

Just thinking about all the work and responsibilities you will have makes me exhausted! LOL

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Yes it is inside an old victorian building in downtown. There are several other businesses in the building. Two therapists, a computer guy, a window store and mine.. Plus two other spaces that are available but not finished yet.

I can put whatever sign I want right now. But they are working on a big window display they will put with all our businesses on it.

I bought an open/closed sign with the little letters you can change out and I can put stuff in the window out front right now.

I will be able to make stuff in there as well. Since there is a workspace with counters and sink. There is even a small refrigerator under one of the counters. Which is great for me to put the soap in to cool.

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