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CS holiday scents question?

Dana Mae

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Hi All,

I'm testing some CS fall/holiday scents in my 4627 wax. I usually have great ht/ct in my wax, and have never had an issue with any CS oils.

I am testing:

Christmas Cedar

Christmas Tree

Both have a very weak hot/cold throw.....?

Pumpkin Souffle

Smells good but ht not as good as I would like

On a side note:

Got a tester of Cedarwood Vanilla.....weakest throw hot/cold of any oil I have tested......anyone else try this one?

Very Vanilla.....again, smells good but weaker than anticipated.

Anyone else have any problems or experience with these FO?

I used 6% FO in 4627 with my standard HTP wicks.

Thanks for any and all input!


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I think there leaf system is wonderful..and usually right on..

But I too have had some that did not have a good HT that were 3 leaf..I use GB 415, so I can't help you concerning wax..

I think getting a good HT is the luck of the draw..There are so many different types of wax out there, there will always be hit and miss...

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