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Soy Pillar Wax in large Tealight Tart warmers


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I just bought a few really pretty tealight tart warmers from Jackel. I wanted to see how they look in person before I decided to buy in higher quantities. They are beautiful but are a little taller and larger than the ones I have gotten before at Levine's or various stores. I took a tart warmer with me to a show (one that I have had that is tall and large like what I just received from Jackel) and put a soy pillar tart in it. I had a lot of trouble melting it. I got impatient so the next day I brought some 4786 (harder container wax) tarts and it even had trouble melting. The other one that I had there that was shorter and smaller had no problem with the soy pillar wax. I don't like to use a blend that has a softer wax added because they will not pop out. This is a real bummer. These tart warmers are so pretty. Has anyone used the bigger ones with success and do you just use a softer tart wax with a lower melt point? I did not order the electric burners that are just as pretty because they are 12 watts only and have a thick plate. I thought they would be worse than the larger tealight warmers. For some reason I don't remember the one I used yesterday having trouble before when I have tested in it and I am pretty sure I tested the soy pillar wax in it, but I may be wrong

Do most of you use a pure pillar tart/votive/pillar wax or do you use a wax or blend that is a little softer that will not pop out? Thanks for any suggestions. I don't want to offer these warmers if they can't even melt the melts that I sell. What a waste if I can't use them!

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