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Candles Colors Changed in the Sun

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Today I did my first outdoor show and learned the hard way about the importance of including UV inhibitor. I use 4630 wax and some that were in direct sunlight immediately faded or turned yucky brown in parts from pretty burgundy.

i never realized how quickly they'd be affected :confused::angry2: . The ones hardest hit were my delicious smelling Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies :cry2: Now parts of them are burgundy and parts a very ugly brownish.

Is there anyway to correct this once the damage is done?

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I was told from day 1, that blues & purples will change in the sun. I have found that to be true, and no amount of UV will eliminate it completely, although it does help. If you remelt the candles, you can add more color, but it's tricky getting them back to the same shade.

As far as white discoloring with age, I don't make a pure white any longer. I add some type of color to everything. The whites just didn't stand up to time.


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I always add UV inhibitor to my candlemaking but I still get faded candles. I do an awful lot of outdoor craft shows and a seasonal weekly farmers market every year. No matter how hard I try to keep my candles out of direct sunlight (and I mean moving them out from the light and putting them on a different table) I still get fading eventually.

Not all of them fade but my lavender and black cherry candles are looking a little greyish and yucky. Sigh.

Fortunately the indoor shows will be starting soon.

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