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Here are some things I have done lately. Have them in a booth at an antique mall now but we are getting ready to open our own shop and I have been working on stuff pretty much non-stop.

Here are some of the fun things I did.


Used a container from the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to make these. Perfect size. I made fudge brownie scents wax and poured it onto waxed paper. Let it cook just a bit then balled them up into 'chocolate chunks' put them in the mold and did an overpour of vanilla. Soap is WSP Silk & Shea butter.


This one is the clear base with a white shea soap edge. I used opal cosmetic glitter in the bottom after I did the edge and then added some to the clear base. Incase you can't read them. The pink is red current and the purple is midsummer(s) night. This is the $1 mold WSP has right now in the surplus.


Kind of late for summer but I thought they might make cute stocking stuffers. The molds are from Dollar Tree. They hold 1oz of soap. Blue/Green is Cucumber Melon...my son picked that one out. The pink/orange is what we call Frootie Patootie, actualy Fruit Slices. These little buggers were very hard to get out of the mold. I had to freeze them for quite a while before they would come out.


Last one! Both Black Canyon. I was not very happy with the results here. My intention was to make them blue & white for Penn State and Black & Gold for Steelers BUT...the mold is not very easy to work with. They are huge 5oz bars...but the mold is so angled that I could not fill in the side lines (no pun here) on the mold without it running out. So they ended up all blue...and I gave up and made the black and gold...just yellow.

Anyone got any tips for that? :confused:

Ok...now back to soap or bath bombs...seems to be the product of choice lately.

Thanks for looking!

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I have no experience with soap AT ALL but I was wondering.....would it be possible to 'paint' the side line colors instead of molding them? I know it would be a little extra work but because of the contours of the mold that I see in your pic, unless you did something like put a little in the mold at one resting point, let it mold and move on to the next resting point and repeat, I don't see any other way to do that in a mold that is not completely flat. I am sure a soap master will have better advice but they look wonderful!

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Those are all really cute. I don't like to paint soaps either, but it really isn't that hard to do. You can get an additive at a craft store to add to regular acrilic paint to make it stick to soaps or you can get soap paint from Brambleberry or some other place. I paint on eyes and a few little details because it really makes the soap pop and look awesome. I love your chocolate chip cookies! That is an adorable idea. I bet they will sell like crazy.


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I like them all, but you definitely need to make those Steeler footballs darker yellow, and I think painting the lines black would really make them "Steelers".

BTW- The Steelers is one of my fav. teams (don't ask why since I'm a Cali girl ;) ) and that was one good game last night! :yay:

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