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HELP No wax at supplier


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I have a wholesale account I want to get out by Monday. My supplier is out of wax till Tues.Not a big deal as far as time .I can tell the wholesaler but I can get the same wax cheaper elsewhere and also local.

What would you do??? Test it even though it is the same soy wax but could it be different in some way.

Almost a $10.00 difference in price also. I want to use the same wax but a different company. Could the wax be different.I am sure this has been discussed but was just told they are out and getting antsy.I started the order and now on hold.

Any suggestions????? HELP


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I think you have to test each new batch of soy wax. Seems so many things go into how the wax burns that even different batches from the same supplier are sometimes different. Guess if it were me, I would get the wax and pour a tester using your regular FO and wick and try one. It makes for a shorter time to get the rest made, but you wouldn't want to give them a product that you wouldn't be happy with. If it comes out the same on a test, I'd figure it would be the same for all my candles and go ahead and make them. Some types of wax might be more consistent, but I've personally had some very different waxes of the same name, different batch. Just my opinion. Beth

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