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Is my math correct?

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I agree with the result of 1.9, but I respectfully disagree with Brenda's figuring.

First, you figure out how many pounds (16 oz) is in 1 lb 8 oz (24 oz). That would be 24 divided by 16 = 1.5 lbs.

You want to use 1.25 oz FO per pound, so that's 1.5 lbs wax times 1.25 oz FO = 1.875, rounded to 1.9.

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There's no need to go back and forth between percentages and ounces per pound. Those are two different ways of doing things and it only confuses matters.

The way that ScentsandMore is doing her FO, you multiply the amount of scent you want to use (1.25 oz/lb) by the number of pounds of wax you're using. It gets you the exact answers in a simple way:


1 lb wax (16 oz) x 1.25 = 1.25 oz FO

1.5 lb wax (24 oz) x 1.25 = 1.875 oz FO

2 lb wx x (32 oz) x 1.25 = 2.5 oz FO

You get exactly the same answer if you figure it out as a percentage but it's a lot more complicated:

The percentage is 1.25 / 17.25 = 7.246% FO.

The formula is then (24 / (1 - 0.07246)) - 24 = 1.875 oz FO.

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Well I was just letting her know what I do and what I think is easier for me. And since I never convert my oz into lbs, it would add another step into my calculation. What I mean is for my candles I figure out how much wax I need, which is usually 10oz, and times that by how ever many candles I am going to pour. So let just say I want to do 5 candles that would be 50oz and then I would just times that by what ever percentage fo I use.

So sorry if I didnt answer the way you would like but I was just giving an option I thought was the easiest since she was questioning her math to begin with.


Sorry if I confused you any. I was really just trying to give you another option to look at that I found to be the easiest for me.



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I do it the same way Brenda does. Not that it makes 2 shakes, but I'm just in a voting mood these days - LOL. Oh well, all went a different route, but came up at the same place -- Top just used less gas!


As I posted, that is how I have always calculated my FO load - guess there are more ways to skin a cat :laugh2:

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Yeah but arithmetic isn't the same thing as skinning cats and 2+2 isn't normally subject to a vote.

Three different answers were posted: 1.92, 1.872 and 1.875. All of them are close enough if we're estimating, but only one of them is the right answer to a math question.

If you understand how to get the right answer, then you also know how to solve any similar problem.

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I'd never try to argue math & I'm sure you're right ... I'm just pointing out that Brenda & I are using a formula based on the variable being fo load ... which means 1.2oz-1.3oz would give you an 8% fragrance load & our formula is based on amount of wax x fragrance load. 24 x 8% = 1.92. My scale is fairly nice, but it won't differentiate between 1.2oz & 1.3oz, so I can't even weight 1.25oz. I've added your formula to my notes for accuracy, cause I definitely have to refer to my notes for all math! I appreciate the info.


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