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My first fundraiser


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I am so happy right now. I went to a small town festival last Saturday. One day about 500 people. The donation fee was only 10 dollars to set up. I thought I did quite well I did 30 times my fee in 6 hours. Two teen girls started smelling my candles told me they had a yearbook club so I pitched my fundraiser to them and I gave them a small candle for their teacher. Two days later they called me from school and said there teacher wants to do a fundraiser as soon as possible. 60 kids and she said they all are looking forward to selling them. My question is estimate how many candles do you think the group will sell? I'm thinking at least 300. I also have a fundraiser with my daughters' peewee league cheerleaders about 36. Their coach is giving a prize for most sold and they have to sell a minimum of 5 each. My candles are 10oz dodecagon jars burn time about 80 hrs for 9.00 I am giving them 45%. How much money do your fundraisers make.

Thanks Steph

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During my years as a high school teacher, I did many, many fundraisers. Profits ranged anywhere from 30-50% depending on the item being sold. I never did candle sales, though, so I haven't a clue. The 50% profit was mainly from candy bars, and I had to order several thousand $$ to get that margin.

Congratulations! I wish you great success and many repeat customers.

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I was asked last yr. to do Fundraiser on either candles or bears....The bears would take me FOREVER to do & if you know me - I :tiptoe: "HATE":tiptoe: dipping!!

Anyways, I was having more troubles trying to figure out a packet of samples, forms, things to get started - I also work in the school system & know if I offered it to them, they would JUMP on it.....if anyone can send me there 'example' forms I would really be interested in doing these also....

Sorry, didnt mean to take away your post - not my intention just asking for advice/help on them since you know what your doing....

Good Luck to you on your Fundraiser:yay:




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First of all, congrats on this. You'll really enjoy making all that money without having to set up at a show--even with the price break.

It could be a lot, so be ready! I did a fundraiser in the spring and some of the kids didn't sell anything at all, and some were over-achievers. Maybe 10 each might be a good average?? It's really hard to tell. But, you better get to work! Good luck (:

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Hey girly,

My mom told me what you did, can I say OMG.

Congrats with the Newest Fundraiser, I would expect more than you think your going to sell. Because even if you don't sell them all I know you could sell them at the craft shows you go to.

R U going to Divito this year??


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