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R2542 Fully Refined Paraffin


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Haven't used it but it's in my database. Sasol plain paraffin sold by DPS/Morris. A fairly hard 143 MP mottling wax.

The melt point seems a little high to me but you could try it for molded candles like pillars. With a teaspoon of Vybar 103 per pound of wax you'd get an opaque look and could use something like 1 oz FO. Without additives or with some stearic you should get a mottled look and could use something like 1/2 oz maybe up to 3/4 oz FO.

You can try pretty much any kind of wick. Usually the flat-braided types are used for pillars but people use other stuff. You could try maybe LX 18 or LX 20, but any wick suggestion someone gives you is a total shot in the dark. You really have to experiment with pillars to get them to burn well. It all depends on the paraffin and additives and fragrance and can span a wide range. Sometimes you have to vary all of the above.

As far as pour temp is concerned you can follow any instructions you find for the type of pillar you want to make. Roughly speaking, 175-185 for a smooth finish.

Don't bother trying to use this wax in containers apart from maybe small votive candles.

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