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Sore Muscle Cream Testers


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I just had to share with you on this cream I made. I made it up for the swap hadn't had any real need to try it until just a little bit ago.

I work from home so I'm pretty much on the computer 10 hours or more a day. I had this terrible, tight, nagging in my right shoulder so bad that it hurt to move my arm.

So I thought what the hay I'll try this stuff & see what I really do have here. I took an amount about the size of my index finger and rubbed it in real good across that area & within just a few minutes I'm able to move arm with no pain. The actual tight spot is sore to the touch but no pain.

Not tooting my horn or anything but I'm so excited about this new product I just had to share.

I'm going to be making up another batch and thought I'd see if any testers out there would like to try it. All you have to do is send a self addressed stamped envelope. I believe 2 stamps will cover it. If anyone is interested in this pm me & I'll give you my address.

If this is against board rules I apologize and you can remove it.

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Ooohhhh.... I believe that's the swap I'm in too, at least I hope so! I've been waiting to try it on my bad knee....(really bad, as in knee replacement in a year or so bad) since you posted what you've made. It's very sore in the back and I hope this helps.

Can't wait for my box!

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