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What percentage of stearic and coconut oil should I try?

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I've been making 90% soy candles with 10% veggie blend usually in 2/3 oz shallow or 2/4oz deep tins.

A few night ago I tried one with 90% soy and 10% veggie blend using an HTP wick and a 3" deep glass tumbler that is about 2" in diameter. I used EO's at 7% and then stearic at 5% (read that somewhere on some site). When I lit the candle it had a burning smell that wasn't pleasant and I can't smell the fragrance at all.

I wanted to see if this would help scent throw and allow the candle to burn longer. What percentage of stearic should I be using?

If I try coconut oil what percentage of that should I try?

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