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What scent would you use for a Bridal Shower?


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Ok, I have to make 50 several small candles for a bridal shower.

I am supposed to pick the scent for these candles, and need your help.

What scent would you go with?

I am looking for something to knock their socks off, to possibly build my "customer base".

Opinions appreciated!

Please give me a description of the scent as well.

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I would find something soft and "romantic"... like maybe

Sultry Angel from CC or Cashmere & Pearls from BW

Or some kind of romantic floral... like Neroli (Orange Blossom), or maybe some kind of Rose? (Rosemilk from SS is my fave rose scent, and I abhor rose scents).

Let us know what you find and use!! :)

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Well how about

Flowerbomb (not an overpowering floral scent at all -- Flickers);

Renaissance (quite fem and pretty from Southern Soapers, just needs another name.)

Victorian Musk (Flickers)

French Vanilla Amber (Peaks)

Endless Love (you might try Tennessee Candle Supply ... I haven't had a chance to test it out just yet.)

Amber Romance might be good too.

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I make a lot of candles for weddings. What I have found, is not to use the flowers, and overpowering scents. Cinnamons are not good either. There are so many people that get headaches from certains scents. I know she said no food, and that is too bad. Sugar Cookie that is plain sweet is perfect. We call it angel kisses. It smells wonderful, and no one complains. Or a light clean scent. there are so many candles, it has to be weakened down. At least that is what we experienced. If you had flowers burning in there, I would have to walk out. They give me a headache, only when burning. Ya know? Just my opinion. :highfive:

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