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wax dipped clothespins???

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I drench mine in oil , place them in a tub and cure them for about 3 days to soak it all up in the clothespin.

I dont dip in wax though mine have always been too ugly looking afterwards..

I wrapped raffia around mine to hold them together and cello bag with homespun ..

Sorry I know its not what you asked for but thought I;d share anyways.. LOL

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I use the "old fashion" clothespins that just slide on the clothes not the spring clip most people use today. I tie a thread right under the head & dip them in strongly scented votive or tart wax. I dip them twice, letting them dry between dips. I tie them in a bundle of 3 with a strip of homespun or muslin cloth. I found they do look ugly if dipped more than twice & hurricane wax didn't work well as it tended to crack. I hang mine on a peg and I made some for a friend who puts them in a bowl in her laundry room. I think of them more as a conversation piece than anything else tho in my small bathroom I can smell them up close & after a shower.

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