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Where do you get the best parfume sprayer


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Check Lotioncrafter -- they have a few different styles or sprayers and the roll-ons.

I like both, but sometimes the sprays aren't targeted enough for me and make me sneeze. I just made a roll-on tester for my friend and she loved it, but my other friend won't use anything but the sprays.

IMO if you make one you can use the same formulation for the other (or with some minor tweaking).

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Like these? http://www.qosmedix.com/catalog/part.asp?partno=29733

I like roller bottles as well, but after a while of using them you might find some stuff inside the bottle that you didn't originally put in there.

Such as tiny skin flakes, makeup, dirt etc. Whatever may be on your skin can roll back into the bottle.

With a spray that can't happen.

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