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Batch Size vs Mold Size

Toni S.

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I could have sworn I saw something on this board regarding this but can't seem to find it? DUH...............

I'm looking into maybe getting different molds and the measurements on each pocket are .75" deep x 2.75" wide x 3.75" long and there are 12 pockets.

I wouldn't even begin to know how to figure this out on my own?

Where oh where are some of our high tech math people?



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L x W x H x .4 will give you volume that each mold can hold.


ETA: For clarification it is for each "pocket" or area that your soap batter is going into. Multiply that by 12 (one for each "pocket" for total amount of oils.

Just be prepared for another holding mold because once you add water your volume changes.

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I'll be using them for CP if I decide to get them.


So then what you're saying is I'm only figuring the amount of oils and not my lye water?? I'm not a CP queen so I want to make sure I have this down pat before I order and find out it's not what I want.

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