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New Candle Label


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I was wondering about the beans, too. I thought they garbanzo beans. I think the label would be much better without the beans altogether. To me, they are a distraction. A plain black and white label without the beans would be very nice and classy.

I too thought they were garbanzo beans! LOL Thought maybe they had something to do with the scent name.

As for using the border on a round label, I'm pretty sure in AveryPro you can make any border fit any shape label, by playing around with it. There's options to make it round etc. You should try it.

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Well I think you need to go back to the drawing board or ditch the beans and border and start over. The border simply overpowers the picture, no matter how large you make the text. The picture is blaise and I thought they were butter beans or what have you. Great if you want to use them ... use them differently, but I do not find the label attractive.

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