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Renaming some FO


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I want to donate a few candles to my local pet store so they can sell them to add to funds that they collect to help people with vet bills etc.

I would like to change the names to maybe suit a dog theme, but I am so useless at renaming. :confused:

The only one I have so far is Puppies Breath for the Tall Grass.

Any ideas for a couple of names for these FO. Please.

Pumpkin Soufle

Apple & Maple Bourbon

Sugar Cookies/Candy Corn

Fruit Slice

Very Vanilla

Raspberry Truffle



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Tough one lol.

OK ...

Very Vanilla -- Poodle

Apple & Maple Bourbon -- Walk the dog or Hair of the Dog

Pumpkin Souffle -- Good Doggie (better think some more lol)

Fruit Slices -- Dog Days of Summer ( or thinking)

Sugar Cookies/candy corn -- Doggie treats (though nothing I smelled with dog treats smelled remotely appetizing)

Raspberry Truffle (dog doo doo ... I'll think a little harder on this lol ... maybe some type of collar would be better)

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Find something for:

Puppy Love

Dog House

Little Pawz

Milk Bone (Hey your vanilla can be that lol)

Raw Hide (go get some leather lol)

Go Fetch or just Fetch

Maybe one called

Bow wow WOW

Howling at the moon/(i.e. keep the neighbors up lol)

I don't think it would be fair to name after a select few breeds ... so, with that in mind ...

Pedigree (might be the pumpkin souffle)

What's that major dog show that NBC airs like around Thanksgiving or what not? ... maybe you can call something Show Dog.

How about one called Dog gone it.

Brown noser? Maybe that didn't originally come from dogs though lol.

Or what about Dog names?

Marmaduke (should have a marmalade lol)

Maybe one called Fido ... now I'm drawing a blank on common dog names.

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Very Vanilla made me think - "Doggie Day Spa"

Doggie Dreams

Fruit slices could be 'Rainbow Bridge' - lol- I've only heard about that from this forum but it would be a sweet story to have to explain- a commemorative type of scent

Then there's:

Pooper scooper -lmbo JK ( kinda)

Doggie Sty... oh nevermind that one!:tiptoe:

Some not so gutterish random ones...

Cat Lure

Head out the Window Or Window Rolled Down

Going for a Ride

Sweet Slobber

Puppy Kisses (for the Rasp Truffle)

Bernards Brew (for Apple/ Bourbon)

Dog Star

Dog Park

Frisbee Day

No Leash

I like Scented's 'Fetch' idea! Also, 'In The Dog House' would be great for the Rasp truffle one.. cuz what do we do when we get in trouble and are 'in the dog house' ?? We buy chocolates!

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