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Anyone use beeswax coated wicks?

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Don't know about the bees wax.. But interested also..

Thanks for the heads up on the wick builder sale!!

I must have missed the newsletter???:rolleyes2

I need wicks as I stuck all my wicks with the defective stickums from BC !!! :tiptoe: They stick to the wick until you add hot wax, then they float.

So right now I have hundreds of wicks stuck with stickums and don't feeling like yanking them all off. :mad:

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I use to get the bees wax coating but changed to the high melt. They hold up a little better while getting tossed around and in the jar. But the bees wax is good and burns just fine. I use the cd wicks with the 20mm base and 3mm stem too. Already ordered my wicks, missed the last sale.

Sharon, since you've used both...did you notice a difference in the burn with the beeswax? Do you mean that the beeswax comes off the wicks if they are tossed around?

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Can someone tell me if there is a big difference in the burn from one coating to the other? As far as burn time and if you would have to change the size of your wick. tia

No, they burn about the same. I didn't have to change wick sizes when I switched.

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