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Just 6 scents, which ones would you pick??


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Hi! I make both candles and bath and body stuff. A friend of mine is having a home party in November for me & I am trying to cut back on my scents..If you could only have 6 scents which ones would you pick?? I was thinking of having different ones for fall/christmas and summer..I love them all that is why this is such a dilema for me..Any suggestions would help..Thanks a bunch-Tammy

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Personally, for a home party in November, I would pick holiday scents (Thanksgiving/Christmas). I find customers seem to like cranberry, apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, some sort of a mint, vanilla, balsam, etc. during this time of year. I would bring along ...

Pumpkin Vanilla or Pumpkin Souffle, Pumpkin Pie

Hot Apple Pie or Baked Apples, Apple Jack, Mulled Cider

Cranberry Marmalade or Spiced Cranberry

Snowy Pine or Candy Cane, Jack Frost

Toasted Marshmallow or Sugar Cookie, Buttercream

Christmas Tree or Sugared Spruce, Christmas Past

It's really hard to narrow a list down to only 6.

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