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Has anyone here soaped these 2 Fo's?


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I have both in front of me now and OOB - way different but both have this "ozone" thing going

I haven't soaped the Salty Sailor though - I'm doing salt bars with it this weekend and I'll let you know. Gee if they ARE close then won't have to deal with what I read is a challenging FO (the SS).

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It does... I was warned, so I was ready..

But It is still quick enough, I don't know if it

is a FO I want to do again.

It does smell good, but I have other Scents

that I like just as well, and are much easier to work with..

OHHH..I hope my Tonic survives..Well it is made, so

I will see how long the scent lasts. I used 1 1/2 oz per lb.

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I had to go an smell it today..and it even smells better today..:smiley2:

I know Carebear...I need to try to make body products...I just don't have the things on hand..and really don't have all the extra money to buy it all right now....The first thing I need to do is get my brain in gear and figure out how to make them, and find some good recipes..

With the economy the way it is, I am afraid to buy anything I don't have to have right now..:lipsrseal My husband is a General Contractor, and he is already working out of town, just to find work...

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