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Advice on GS 464

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I used this soy and didn't have any complaints! I loved the way you could pour " hot" (140 degrees) and test pretty soon after making .(1 or 2 days) The reason I tried a new soy was the fact that some scents didn't seem to have a strong scent throw. ( Could of been the scent) And like a dummy I tried a new soy when my supplier TEMPORARILY ran out of 464. They assured me that this other soy was practically the same thing with even better scent throw "abilities". ARRGGHH. This other soy has to cool to 100 degrees before pouring, cure 3 to 10 before testing, frosts and mottles terribly...........................GO with the 464 is my advice and the scents that don't seem to throw strong , give them a chance to cure for 2 weeks and retest.

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