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What packaging for a 6x6x3 wooden crate?


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I purchased some 6" x 6" x 3" wooden crates for 2 of my 8 oz candles for a show I'm doing Halloween night and the next day and was wondering how I would package/wrap that?

I am wanting to offer a "gift set" and was thinking shrink wrapping, but I hate the bottoms when they don't "shrink" together nicely...or at least they don't for me anyway.

I dont' remember "who", but they did the Idaho Potato gift set.....maybe I should search....

If shrink wrap is best, how would I do that? A shrink bag?

I guess I put the cart before the horse....:confused:

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


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Will the candles be lying flat or standing up in the crate? Is cellophane gathered and tied at the top an option? Or, could you not put the shrinkwrap seam on the bottom, but on one of the sides instead, and camouflage it by running a ribbon around the perimeter of the crate?

The candles will by lying down inside the crate. I wasn't wanting to have it gathered at the top, because you can't see the candles that well. I was hoping to have a flat top where I can put my label on it, etc...

I'll try the side thingy and see if that works. Thanks!

I'll let you know too!


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