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Hi Everyone -

I have a question regarding melting candles down. I have been testing different wicks and I happened to make about five candles with ECO wicks and they smoke really bad - so, I was wondering if it is possible to melt it down and pour it in another container with another wick...I mean, I know that it can be done - but - would it lose some of the scent quality when burned with the new wick? They will just be testers for me to burn at home but I didn't want them to not be as strong as they were before.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!


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I havent had a problem with them not smelling the same. I just turn my oven on warm and put the candle in there for a few minutes. And then when it is melted enough to slip out of the jar I pour it into my pouring pot and use the double boil the remelt the rest of the way and then let that sit until I am really to re pour it back into the jar that I cleaned and re-wicked.

HTH and GL


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