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Votive help

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Ok I want to try these but right now I am not sure what to do.

Ok I just got some CD wicks from TCS size 4, 5, 6, 7 and was thinking I would be able to use these for my votives and also my balmoral 4.5oz jars, which has a 2 1/2" diam. Well I think they must have labeled them wrong or something. I started with a size 5 and 6, well after 45 mins I went to check on the ST and the 5 had a complete MP about 3/4 inch deep(first burn)so I blew it out and the 6 looked good well after 2 hours it had just a slight hang up on the sides. And this happened with all 5 different FOs I poured. So yesterday I went back and melted down all the ones I used a 5 with and changed the wick to the 4 I have and I am testing some of them right now but I got to thinking that if these 4 work in this jars how are they going to work for a votive? And I dont have any 2 or 3 because I thought they were for tealights and it seems the only place I can get them from is a lady off of ebay without having the buy 3000 of them.

So I was hoping that someone that uses CD wick can please let me know what they use for their votives, I have searched but the only ones I found were people who use LX wicks.

The wax I used for the container candles was EL Millennium Blend with UV, coconut oil, liquid dye, 7% fo

And the wax for the votive I will be using the EL votive wax.

Now I know there are not a lot of people using this wax but if you use CD wicks can you please give me an idea of where to start.

Thanks so much.


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