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How do you make a straight line layered soap?


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How do you make a perfectly layered soap where it's perfectly straight between the first and second layers. Do you make it all at one time or make one layer one day and then make the second layer the next?

A few years ago I tried a layered soap and just poured one layer and let it thicken, then poured the 2nd layer and let it thicken. The line between the layers wasn't smooth though. Is there a trick to this?

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very carefully......

j/k. I usually make half a batch and pour it at thin trace. By the time I make up the other half batch, the first layered had stiffened up enough to hold the weight of the second batch without seeping through. Here is one I did a while back. I used a flat slab mold for this, but you can also use log molds as well.


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