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When mixing 2 FO's should they be mixed.....


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I could see mixing together and letting them set for a couple days IF you had not tried this mix before and had no idea of what the mix might smell like and were just trying to get an idea for the mixture - but for the actual official joining of the scent and wax I agree with everyone else - just chunk em' in there and let her bump

For testing various scent mixtures I read a tip here a long time ago - Dip a swab in each scent and drop them together into a ziplock baggie - let them set for a while and mingle and get to know one another and when you open the baggie there you have it

If you were wanting say 2 parts Finkleberry and 1 part Exotic Ostrich Flower use 2 swabs for the Finkle and 1 swab for the Ostrich

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