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Reed diffuser supplies?


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I thought I would try my hand at making these things but have so many questions so here goes.

Is there a place that offers the best pricing for the whole package like the boxing, base and reeds and bottles - an all in one? I've seen companies that offer the boxing, reeds and bottles and then you buy the base and fragrance separately.

How do you know how many reeds to put in? I see them anywhere from 8 to 12 reeds a bottle....Is the more reeds you put in a bottle the stronger the strength?

Is there a standard set ratio of base and fragrance?

When pricing I found it costs to make pushing $8.00 to $9.00 per each set....so in order to sell wholesale I would have to get 18.00 and that makes the retail about 36.00...The normal price I've been seeing is about 18.00 to 20.00 though I've seen on some sites a rediculous price of up to 48.00.....I just got a sample of a Reed Diffuser in Buttered Maple Sugar and it is so totally awesome, I drag it around with me from room to room it is that good....but I can buy wholesale as much as I could make and beautifully packaged, so it just doesn't make sense to make them...though I want to...if I could get my costs down....

For all who make the diffusers, what is the pretty normal price of what I could make these for as far as keeping my costs down?

Is there a difference in bases? What companies offer the best pricing to purchase from?

I guess you can use any scent I'm assuming...

Sorry this was so long, but it is just mind boggling looking at all the different ways to buy.



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Like anything else, you are going to find your results different from someone elses. There are places that sell the oil ready to go (BCN for one). There are several discussions about bases on here. Different fragrances may require different rations. Number of reeds? I like 8 because 6 looks puny and 12 is overkill.

The biggest thing I did was ditch the fancy packaging that drove my cost up. I have the bottle, oil & reeds all tied up in a tall poly bag - less than a quarter vs. $6-8. I wasn't selling any with that high of a price tag. People just throw the packaging away....

I currently offer 6 scents because that is all I have tested so far.

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Southern Scentsations offers reed diffuser kits and the base. I mix 50/50 base and fo and get a great scent throw. The kits they offer have 8 reeds and I use them all, haven't tried more or less.


If you want to buy the kits in quantity or choose from different bottle styles here is a link that has more options


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