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BCN & BCS - Stickums Pulled....


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This is from BC's board from Domeen regarding the stickums:

"I wanted to update you guys on the stickum issue. We had a batch of our old stickums that people started complaining about... they were having a hard time peeling the paper off them. We had several complaints and some felt they were impossible to work with like that... so we contacted our manufacturer and tried working with them. They thought they had the problem solved and we got a new batch... but the problem was still there, it was only somewhat better, but still an issue that customers were not satisfied with. So we began contacting other manufacturers to have new ones made since we were at a stand still with the first mftr... we tested the new ones and everything seemed great... they stuck as good, if not better, than the originals.

This is the first time we're having any complaints on the new ones, but we felt there were enough complaints to warrant taking them off the shelves for the time being until we can resolve this with our mftr. We'd rather be out of stock for awhile instead of sending out a product that might not be performing up to par. I'm not sure if this is due to a difference in the most recent batch or what, because they worked fine when we first tested them... but we've started doing further testing ourselves, and have sent some of them back to the mftr to test also. We will keep working to get this resolved as quickly as possible and will keep you all updated. Thanks for your understanding and patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience! "

This has been posted on their board, but you can still put them in your cart???

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OMG Yes... I prewicked hundreds of wicks and cases of jars.

When I went to pour for a fundraiser... None stuck!! They floated up!!

I see others are having the same problems on the BC board..

So it seems this is not an isolated incident. :mad:

They have the stickums "out of stock", but nothing about why on the ordering page..

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I did.. Will get the 40 bucks credit to my account.

BC said sorry, but the could not do anything about all the pre-wicked jars and wicks..

I just hope I don't have a customer call me on a floating wick!!:mad:

I will direct them to BC..:laugh2:

I see the stickums are still not on their site..

I guess there was a problem with them.. huh.

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I am glad they are not on a roll. They are easier to work with. What NOT to do with stick ums..........Put pictures on the wall. Peels the paint off. Stick 2 pages together with them, so you don't lose the second page. Rips the pages. Stick them anywhere but a jar. They are strong and tear up stuff. I ran out of them one time and went to Office Depot to get doble sided tape. That works, but it is time consuming. Next time I will wait for the stick um!:grin2:

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