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Increase in FO $$$


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I noticed the cinnamon increase too, so I questioned it on the BC board, and here is the response I recieved:

"The Cinnamon Red Hot was a typo. It is $16.95 unless you do the buy 5 get $1.00 off then it's $15.95."

Then Doneen stated:

"Just to clarify even further, we first thought that we'd only have to raise the ones with patchouli in them, as that was the ingredient with the biggest price hike. But since then we've had several price increases across the board with most of our manufacturers, which unfortunately affects the majority of our fragrances. So we have had to start adjusting more of the FO prices accordingly. We've absorbed many smaller price increases over the years, but lately they are getting too high for us to be able to absorb, so we regret that we have to raise some of our prices to offset this. We've incurred some price increases on other products too (wax of course), but also some of our Bath & Body Bases, Aroma Beads, MP Soaps, and various other products. Some of these we've been able to absorb, but again some will have to be adjusted. And of course as you know, the increasing cost of shipping & trucking has greatly affected prices as well. We realize price increases are no fun, and we hate having to do it, but we have no choice frown.gif But we can promise that we're still working to try and keep our pricing as reasonable as possible and find you the best deals, and we will keep working toward that goal as always. We really do value all of our loyal customers and we appreciate your understanding"

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With the added cost for all products(especially the wax) and the shipping I can't afford the increases and keep my products at a price local people will be able to afford. I live in a small community and it was already difficult to compete with the prices at the farmers market/craft markets. I'll continue making things for myself and family but this will be my last year opperating as a business. The prices for supplies will probably just keep rising and I can't compete any longer.

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