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Lets talk Xmas Scents..


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EXCEPT FO's from Just Scent!

I currently have a shop that sells the Xmas scents well...I cant keep it stocked in Nov and Dec. I think it is because she comes up with locally themed names. The shop owner has come up with a new name and wants a new Xmas scent to introduce.

What has been tried and true for you guys?

Currently I use:

Happy Hollidays (BCN)

Sugarplum Berries (Peak)

Spicy Orange Gumdrop (Tristate)

A cinamon peppermint blend of my own

Pine (Peak)

and the usual Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie, Bayberry.

Any Suggestions? I would like to keep it within TCS, Tristate, Peak, BCN....but open to anything other than Just Scent.


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Well find someone to dupe BnL's Silent Night lol ... I sell out every year and am on my last drops

Otherwise, Cinnamon Balsam (Peaks) and Christmas Cabin (NG) have moved very well for me along with Winter (Solas, but they're gone) and Frosted SNow Drop (Solas, but they're gone) and Jack Frost (NG)

Maybe a mulberry would work?

I'd tell ya Log Cabin, but the one I have I am not parting with.

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Last year I used Spicy Apples and Peaches, This Old House, and Amish Harvest at Christmastime from TCS. Of those, Spicy Apples and Peaches sold best, then Amish Harvest. Some liked TOH, others were just not into it.

My other 3 that people really liked were CS's Mistletoe, Cranberry Marmalade, and Pumpkin Souffle.


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Cranberry Orange Spice from ICS. This was one of Snowtop's fragrances and I tested it in Joy wax, Perfect Blend and now using a 50/50 and it has outsold every scent that I carry except the apple pie from KY.

I did a show last fall and someone bought one candle...Cranberry Orange Spice. She called later and ordered 12...then came to my Christmas open house and bought other candles plus what I had left of the COS. She called me a few weeks ago and ordered 10 COS.

She burns it in her shop...she does facials and skin care and she told me all of her customers love the scent. I just need her to promote me to her customers........LOL.


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sugared spruce-ics

you could also mix the gingerbread & sugar cookie 50/50

also the bayberry & cinnamon. both are great mixes. plus you already have the oils. you could also try a mix of cinnamon & sugar cookies.

harvest spice & apple-- candlesandsupplies

chestnuts & brown sugar- millcreek

balsam & spice- millcreek

christmas splendor- millcreek

i also mix the sugared spruce with mc's cinnamon sticks. huge seller at xmas.

cinnamon/vanilla -millcreek

hazelnut creme- candlesandsupplies

pumpkin souffle- candlescience

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TCS - Christmas Bazaar

TCS - Christmas Splendor - Holiday favorite of mine (reminds me of white spiced gumdrops)

Peak - Cinnamon Balsam (I love this one for my house at Christmas, because I'm allergic to real trees, but this is so warm and spicy, not pine).

I almost forgot - Winter Blast from Wildfire (for the crowd that likes pine, this is different). I also carry Farmhouse's Snowy Pine (similar but I smell something different in there).

Kimberly, I can send you an ounce or two of Winter Blast & Snowy Pine if you are interested. Let me know.

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Wildfire - Winter Blast

Wildfire - Fireside Inn

ICS - Berries and Pine

Hearftfelt - Rocky Mountain Pine or Berts - Christmas Tree

Fragrance Oil Heaven - Cinnamon Apple Berry

Candle Science - Holly Berry

Candle Science - Mistletoe

NG - Cranberry Balsam

KY - Sweet Potato Spice

TCS - This Old Home

Fragrance Oil Heaven - Family Gatherings

AH - Spiced Pumpkin Log

JBN - Frankincense & Myrrh

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